How to Collaborate Virtually

Collaborating in a digital age

Site Overview on November 29, 2016 at 2:42 pm

Welcome to the library’s page on How to Collaborate Virtually!

When you collaborate, you are getting to the best idea possible!

There is a difference between working together and collaborating with each other. It is pretty tricky to actually collaborate in any environment, but even more so virtually. At Teachers College, we have 73.8% of graduate students that are part-time, and 26% who work full-time. However, being a part of the Teachers College community, we still want to be a part of clubs, teams, and have group work as well. Collaborating with members of the graduate school community virtually is a sure way to be more inclusive; however, it takes skill!

On this pressible site, you will receive the tools needed to become a better collaborator in a dyad, small group, and large group. Mastery in collaboration evolves by having the courage to experiment with new practices and by developing a deeper mastery of yourself and insight into others.

Below is an outline of what’s included in this website:

I. The Benefits

II. The Myth

III. The Necessity

IV. F2F vs. Online Collaboration

V. How Tos: Videos

VI. The in-person theory

VII. Conflict Resolution

VIII. Tools and Resources for Collaboration